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Remove the two M2.5 × 6 mm pan head machine screws from the Control Board side of the assembly and put them aside for the next iteration.

Gently lift the Control Board away from the Assembly Template and the Assembly Spacer. They should both slide off easily without applying much force.

Inspect the Control Board assembly and verify that all of the following statements are true:

There are no gaps between the plastic bases of components J1-12 and the top surface of the Control Board.

The shafts of components P1-7 and S2-3 rise perpendicularly (at a 90º angle) compared to the top surface of the Control Board.

The spacer beneath component S1 is seated flush against the top surface of the Control Board.

This completes the process.

Leave the two standoffs attached to the Assembly Template and skip Step 1 on the next iteration of this process.

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