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Changes to Step #2

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Step Lines

+[title] Populate the board with components
+[* black] Identify the Main Board assembly PCB. It has part number TD-OCSE-D2-MB printed on its bottom side.
+ [* icon_caution] The Main Board should have all surface mount soldering already completed before continuing.
+ [* icon_note] For ease of access to the pads, it is recommended to solder component H5 before continuing.
+[* icon_caution] Do not solder any components until being instructed to later.
+[* red] Populate two components S1 and S4.
+[* orange] Populate two components S2 and S3.
+[* yellow] Populate twelve components J1-12.
+ [* icon_note] Note that four pairs of these components (J1/2, J4/5, J7/8, and J10/11) share a common hole for their grounding pins.

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