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Step Lines

[title] Prepare the Assembly Template
-[* icon_note] You only need to do this step once. The standoffs can remain attached to the template permanently.
+[* icon_note] ***This step only needs to be done once.*** The standoffs can remain attached to the template permanently for subsequent iterations.
[* black] Identify the green Assembly Template. It has the part number ***TD-OCSE-D-AT*** printed on it.
[* red] Note the orientation of the board. The standoffs will be installed on the side that has ***THIS SIDE FACES DOWN*** printed on it.
[* orange] Locate three ***M2.5 × 10 mm female standoffs***.
[* green] Secure each standoff using one ***M2.5 × 6 mm pan head machine screw*** in each of the three locations shown.
[* black] Flip over the completed Assembly Template. It is now ready to be used.