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Changes to Step #9

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Step Lines

[title] Sew the outer curved edge
[* black] Starting at one corner, '''sew''' along the entire length of the '''curved edge'''.
[* icon_note] I recommend using a '''stitch length of around 2''' for this step, and on all future sewing steps.
[* icon_reminder] At the beginning and end of your stitching, make sure to go '''forward and backward about 3-4 stitches''' to prevent the thread from unravelling.
[* icon_caution] Don't forget to repeat these beginning and ending overlapping stitches on '''all future sewing steps'''.
[* black] Your stitching line should be about '''1/4" away from the edge''' of the material.
[* icon_note] On many sewing machines, you can simply line up the edge of the material with the edge of the presser foot to achieve this spacing.
[* icon_note] If any pins are in your way, you can simply remove them as you sew.
[* black] After you finish (and after all future sewing steps) '''trim any excess threads''' with your scissors.