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Changes to Step #5

Edit by Daniel Gilbert

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Step Lines

-[title] Cut the fabric and interface material
+[title] Stack and pin the sheet material
[* black] Stack the sheet material in the following order, from the bottom up:
[* red] One sheet of ***interface material***.
[* orange] One sheet of ***cotton fabric***, with the front side ***facing up***.
[* orange] The second sheet of ***cotton fabric***, with the front side ***facing down***.
[* red] The second sheet of ***interface material***.
[* yellow] The cut out ***pattern***, facing up.
[* icon_note] The orientation of the fabric only matters if you're using a printed fabric that has a distinct front and back. In this stack, the front sides should be ***facing each other***. I'm using plain fabric with no particular orientation, so both sides are the same.
[* green] ***Insert pins*** through all the layers of the stack. Make sure there are no wrinkles or bunches, and that the pattern does not extend past any of the edges.