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+[title] Gather mask materials
+[* black] Gather the supplies you need to construct the mask:
+ [* red] Two ***6" x 9" sheets of non-woven interface material***. These give the mask structure and provide additional filtering of particles.
+ [* orange] Two ***6" x 9" sheets of high thread-count cotton fabric***. I used an old pillowcase and bleached it first.
+ [* yellow] Two ***12" long pipe cleaners***. Four 6" long pipe cleaners will work too.
+ [* icon_note] I bet aluminum armature wire would also work well here, but pipe cleaners provide padding.
+ [* green] Two ***12" long pieces of 1/4" wide woven elastic band***. Slightly thicker elastic band should also be fine.
+ [* icon_note] Non-elastic straps are annoying for this kind of mask, but you can use them if you don't have any elastic. You need to make them long enough to be tied, so I'd recommend starting with at least 18-20" for each strap.

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