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Step Lines

+[title] Gather tools and supplies
+[* black] Start by gathering all the tools you need to make the mask.
+ [* red] A ***sewing machine***. Pretty much any basic machine will be fine since we won't be doing anything fancy.
+ [* icon_note] If you don't have a machine, you can do all the sewing by hand, but it will take a lot longer.
+ [* orange] ***Thread***. Any kind or color is fine, as long as it works with your machine.
+ [* yellow] ***Scissors***. They need to be able to cut through several layers of fabric.
+ [* green] A ***pencil***, or anything that can leave a light mark on fabric.
+ [* light_blue] ***Pins***. You only need 5 or so. The tomato is optional, but adorable.
+ [* blue] ***Tape measure***. Nice to have, but you can probably get by without one.

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