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Step Lines

[title] Reverse and flatten the mask
[* black] Open the mask and '''turn it inside-out'''. The stiffness of the interface material might make this process sort of crinkly.
[* black] Use your fingers to '''press the front seam outwards''' until the stitching is visible and the corners are crisp.
[* red] You can '''trim a tiny bit of extra material''' from the inside bottom corner of the mask.
[* black] '''Cut diagonally''' to remove just the very corner of material inside the very bottom of the center seam, so the mask can sit as flat as possible against the wearer's chin.
[* icon_caution] '''Be careful''' to not cut through any sewn seams while doing this.
[* black] '''Fold and flatten the mask''' in half, with the outside surface facing out.
[* black] '''TheThe mask is finishedfinished. '''Nice job!'''
[* black] '''TheThe mask is finishedfinished. '''Nice job!'''