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Changes to Step #18

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Step Lines

[title] Reverse and flatten the mask
[* black] Open the mask and ***turn it inside-out***. The stiffness of the interface material might make this process sort of crinkly.
[* black] Use your fingers to ***press the front seam outwards*** until the stitching is visible and the corners are crisp.
[* red] You can ***trim a tiny bit of extra material*** from the inside bottom corner of the mask.
[* black] ***Cut diagonally*** to remove just the very corner of material inside the very bottom of the center seam, so the mask can sit as flat as possible against the wearer's chin.
[* icon_caution] ***Be careful*** to not cut through any sewn seams while doing this.
[* black] ***Fold and flatten the mask*** in half, with the outside surface facing out.
-[* black] ***The mask is finished!***
+[* black] The mask is finished. ***Nice job!***