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Changes to Step #16

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Step Lines

[title] Fold and sew the front seam
-[* black] Insert wisdom here.
+[* black] ***Fold the mask in half***, aligning the two bottom corners with each other.
+ [* icon_caution] ***The mask should be inside-out***, so that the inside of the mask is facing out and the side with the straps attached is facing in.
+ [* icon_note] You can pin the mask together if you want, but it was stiff enough that I didn't need to.
+[* red] Carefully ***sew the center seam***, running from the bottom corner to the upper straight line.
+ [* icon_note] ***Stop and adjust your angle*** at the half way point to follow the mask's contour.
+ [* icon_note] Sew roughly ***1/4" from the edge***.
+[* orange] End at the point where the upper straight line meets the edge of the mask. See the ***orange arrow*** in the photo for reference.

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